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Generation kill


War Never Changes

friend gave it to me on dvd.

im on part 4...

not bad, not the greatest, and most particularly annoying is the 90s music references.

oh, and the fact that not everyone in the service can be as dumb as some of the characters here.
Have it on Bluray, one of my favorite HBO series.

Wish they would continue it or do another one.

The stories seem realistic. The bravery, the heroism, the incompetence....

I saw the whole series on HBO and loved it so much, I bought the Blurays, just an outstanding series and the acting was first rate. My buddy who served in Operation Freedom said it was very much true to life. Hurry up just so you can wait and do nothing. Great series and I also wish they had continued the series.
Just finished watching this, and well, it left things hanging, which is typical in the service.

three things are f*cked up about this series.
1. no one died. i understand how big the company is et al, but man,they're recon. im happy no one did die, but it felt unrealistic a bit on that notion.
2. captain america and every cl shouldve got what was comin, and sadly, they never do.
3. i watched the interview on the last disc, and man, i really wish i didnt. Seeing who 'ray' really was and all, kinda turned me off everything. i thought that dude was a pretty cool guy. F*ck.

In general, a great series.
quick question,

when the godfather says Ferrando, is he referring to himself in the third person?

just cant get that sh*t outta my mind.
Not sure about the Fernando reference, but the reason no one died, is that very few people did die in the actual gulf war. I think there was like 35 people killed during the initial occupation, and I might be high on that number.