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Get Better Sound by Jim Smith


Retired Admin

I saw an ad for this in Stereophile last night and it caught my eye. I don't recall anyone on the forum mentioning this (or the author for that matter) but the infomation was eerily familiar. He was mentioning the importance of the room (including its size and shape), the importance of acoustic treatments and even referenced the effect of the outside temperature on what you hear inside. And when I read that a properly set up $10K system will sound vastly superior to an improperly set up $100K system, I started poking around his web site anticipating a purchase.

I was all set to place an order when I stumbled upon this little tidbit: "Tip #29: For home theaters, why one great subwoofer is often inferior to two lesser units" Out of all the things I read, this was the first that seemed to contradict the conventional wisdom here. Naturally, only the tip topics are mentioned. I'm sure the details and further explanations of these tips are reserved for the pages of the book (or spoken on the DVDs).

Has anyone read this book (or viewed these DVDs)? Can you elaborate on why his views of two lesser subs in better than one great sub in a home theater?

I own it and completely agree with the reviewers take – the subwoofer question here will surely ensue a debate and here’s why – he starts with – “a single sub kills acoustically recorded music” (nuff said) and goes on to explain how this has been proved to many skeptics - The author devotes eight pages to subs and covers the subject at all levels – conventional wisdom here I believe is mostly for general audiences for obvious reasons – I enjoy this book for a quick reminder/insight before attempting task at hand - great little manual.
Back in March 2010 I paid $19.99 – at the time there was some sort of promotion that was discussed on one of the audio forms – doesn’t help I know.
I do believe this book was discussed on the S&V forum. At any rate, he holds some borderline-crazy ideas which are not supported by hard facts.
Is that the one that offers a setup method for time aligning certain speaker models?
^ I don't know how I missed it.

Rope - if you're interested, it seems the book, the DVD set or both are available direct from the web site.

Zing said:
^ I don't know how I missed it.

Rope - if you're interested, it seems the book, the DVD set or both are available direct from the web site.


Dayum good thing it wasn't a poisenous snake when I posted that link, I'd be dead.

You mean a VENEMOUS snake... :eek:bscene-buttred:
PaulyT said:
You mean a VENEMOUS snake... :eek:bscene-buttred:
:teasing-neener: :eek:bscene-buttred: :eek:bscene-buttred: :eek:bscene-buttred:
Ah shit, so much for my exalted intellect! :laughing: