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Ghost of Tsushima


War Never Changes
played it last night.

to be fair, i only had a few hours in.

but i felt the contol system is a bit clunky, coming from a assassins creed user/ubisoft player.

looked it up a bit, and found suckerpunch as the same company who brought us infamous series. THAT was fun, despite not finishing it up.

R3 to crouch? L3 to run or sprint? felt out of place. but then again, it might be a game changer. kinda like how people migrated from L1/R1 FPS shooters to use L2/R2 combos.

the graphics of course are beautiful. at times tho, it was annoying, too many canadian maple leaves falling and sort of focus on the characters themselves.

maybe im spoiled by naughtydog, despite exhausted from the uncharted series after the second one.

buy it, but wait a bit.

even the kurosawa film version mode felt off. :(


War Never Changes
with the last of us out of the way, i plan to focus on this soon.

i might have given this a bit of a harsh initial once over.

i will try to focus on playing it later on and see how it goes.