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Got "real" IEMs


Active Member
So...this is where all the cool kids went! S & V is quite bare, now I know why!

After my puppy got a hold of my last 3 $20 Walmart earbuds, I thought I would actually get a real pair.
Being in a smaller city the only two brick and mortars to carry IEMs are Best Buy and Guitar Center. The first pair I got were the Monster Turbines ($168). Bad choice; first the build quality seems to not be there, the cords were small and flimsy. Being one that likes to have the cord go over my ear, these sucked for that. The actual IEM was nice and small with a metal housing, but the added weight of the metal is another reason to go over the ear with these. Tonal qualities were sub par to my untrained ear, they were not impressively good/clear or bad,but the price tag did not warrant these IEMs. They got returned the same day.
At Guitar Center I found M-Audio's IE-30 ($250 priced matched to $200 form B&H Photo). These are the same as Ultimate Ears Superfi 5 pro, just in a different housing. Now these are great! I don't have experience with IEMs but these, with their dual armatures, are nice and airy, clear and I am hearing things that I haven't before in the music, ie: fingers sliding on the strings of guitars etc.
I think I have been bit by the IEM bug....next I wanna try the Fischer Audio DCM 02. They have been back ordered for some time now though.
Just thought I would share.

Good to see you made the trip!


BTW, the correct name for Best Buy is Best Try. :mrgreen:
Welcome to the nuthouse Nufan.

I had the Monster Turbine Pro Copper and I thought they sounded pretty good. They have a nice full sound that isn't lacking anywhere. Bass is a bit too much with some recordings that have sloppy, overdone bass. Older rock like Rush where the bass is tight but a little shy, was really brought to life. Capable of deep powerful bass. Mids only very slightly recessed with nice treble. A very fun IEM.

They were a bit heavy in hand but didn't feel that way in place. I like the over the ear fit for the cable and the MTPC wasn't really meant for that. They also have a serious bling factor...very shiny!

I got my MTPC free and traded for a Westone 3(plus $50) which sounds better IMO. Fits better, looks better. W3 is triple balanced armature. They are nicely balanced and effortless.

I've never owned any of the Ultimate Ears or Fischer Audio, which I've read are very good.
Dane---the pro copper's got good reviews but these were the "plane jane" turbines.
Again though,the cable was too flimsy for me and my over the ear wearing style!
I am now debating wether to get the Fischers becaus ethey are another dual armiture. i think my next pair should be a triple armiture,don't you?

I'm still in Hog Heaven, these being the first IEMs over $20 that I've owned!!
Welcome, nufan!