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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


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In another post i mentioned Grace potter i had never herd her before but her voice intrigued me. Well low and behold i seen in the paper she was in town this last weekend at a lil club in KC bout 1600. Well i called and tickets were available me and the wife went and wow that lil gal can really flex the pipes. And easy on the eyes in her short skirts like the one below :)


Was a shame the place wasnt a sellout.
Excellent! I just picked up a CD of hers and enjoy it. And yes, she is indeed easy on the eyes.

By the way, reading this link may help you with future YouTube video postings.
Thanks i think i see now. I thought i was doing it right but i didnt take out the related stuff.
Thought I'd bump this thread since Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' new CD was recently released: "The Lion The Beast The Beat."

It's a winner in my books. As good as, if not better than, the band's eponymous release.

It gave me reason to seek out a couple of their her older titles, which I ordered off Amazon: "This is Somewhere" and "Nothing But the Water".

I'm still trying to track down a copy of Grace's solo eponymous debut - but the thing's very scarce.

Jeff, thanks for the bump.......................I missed this the first time around and now they are on my list!

:banana-rock: :banana-dance: :banana-dance: :banana-rock:
The first four songs are FANTASTIC! Number five is starting great too!
When I heard the title (and first) track to their latest, I immediately pegged it as the perfect song to lead off a concert with! Great intro and build.

They played Ottawa (Bluesfest) this past summer but unfortunatley I was out of town at the time. :(
I just bought The Lion The Beast The Beat.
"The Divide" kicks butt. She really wails and the guitar is screamin'.
I like that song best on a once heard basis.