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Great Amazon deal on Cables!

When I aw the title of this thread I was gonna add that I picked some HDMI cables for $6 off Amazon - nevermind.
I like reading the reviews.

Using these cables, and only using these cables, I was finally able to hear an auditory gem that has been long rumored among music connaisseurs - Aretha Franklin's stress-fart just prior to her high A in her recording of "You're All I Need to Get By".

Customers who bought this item also bought....
- the Brooklyn bridge
- swampland in Florida
- the Empire State Building
- signed photograph of Harvey the rabbit

I plugged these in and my dog started to whine. They must work for signals that we can't even hear.

These will sound absolutely amazing with my Bose speakers and iPod dock. And I'm actually *saving* $1650 so I can buy a Vizio TV with extended warranty afterwards!

They provide decent (probably almost above average) sound on most of my cassette tapes.