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GT5 and COD


Active Member
Ordered and paid for both the GT5, THANK YOU GOD, and the new CoD game. I was to late in ordering GT5 that I missed out on the limited edition, but just in time for the prestige edition for CoD.

After reading the post a few below mine I see I now have to go out and get yet another game, F1. I'm so waiting for Codemasters to come out w/a true WRC game. Side note: My fav WRC driver just won his 7th straight championship in a row last week.
Hasn't GT5 been pushed to the next year?

I wanted to get the F1 game too but I heard it's full of bugs and not a good game overall.
GT5 was scheduled for today, Nov 2nd 2010, but got the call last night that they where just informed that it's being pushed back until Feb '11. Go figure.