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GT5 supposed to be out this week..... Nov 24

This may be the proverbial killer app combined with a quality wheel/pedal.
... and wasn't Prologue released only because GT5 was waaaaay overdue at that time?
Towen7 said:
... and wasn't Prologue released only because GT5 was waaaaay overdue at that time?

I thought it was released because it was close and to give people a taste. It's weak as it's limited game play. Visuals and play are nice, but boring otherwise in comparison.
The development cycle is getting longer...
GT1 - Apr 1998
GT2 - Dec 1999
GT3 - Jul 2001
GT4 - Feb 2005
GTHD - Dec 2006
GT5 Prologue - Apr 2008

I think most people would consider HD and Prologue as fillers just to give fans a taste and keep the wolves at bay. Essentially the cycle between full editions has gone from 1.5 years to 4.5 years.
which is the reason why i wont be buying GT5 anymore.

Personally, i was estatic to get this, but nowadays, there are a number of great games out there that seem to 'fill' in what void was brought in by GT5.

i never was much of a 'racer' anyways. (virtual that is. :D)
GT5 was getting delay after delay due to license problems, visual damage, and the biggest reason was the addition of NASCAR. they were set for the Nov 2nd date but a glitch was in the first run games made so they went in to fix them. My last update is that they're good to go.
saw the new trailers released via PSN, and found it quite amazing. still one of the best graphics ive seen in ages... but is it a tad too late compared to the new games out there?

realism is what keeps GT fans abiding towards their games, and im sure there are a number of people who would invest in such a game, and then theres the chair simulators, the wheel controllers et al.