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Harry Potter Last movie....


Well-Known Member
I'll be watching it at 12:15am on July 15!!!!!
Just got my tickets!!!!

Woooo Hoooo!!!!!

...those of you who have not watched this series are seriously missing out! ... and are probably partially brain dead:teasing-neener:
I tried watching the first one but couldn't get into it. Then when I tried to watch the second I was lost. I gave-up after that.
I will be there, I was stubborn as all hell to get caught up in the series, but admittedly have enjoyed them for the most part. I won't be reading the books or anything. Most important thing for me about #7 part 2 is the rumored teaser for The Dark Knight Rises... :happy-smileygiantred:
I think it's going to be a blast!!! The complex I'm seeing it at is having 15 shows at midnight and it's expected to completely sell out!

I've never been to a "big" grand opening of a movie and I bet everyone will be dressed up and sceaming throughout the movie!
I loved all the movies but the Deathly Hollows part one just too dark and went on too long.