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HD Tracks


Well-Known Member

Anybody using them? I've bought a couple of things from them over the years, although I had some discount or something, I think I only paid around $10 per album.

I just got an email with a link to The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed album, $30! Holy Snikes! I think this was the highest resolution recording, something like 176/88, but is it really worth that much? I would love to support them, but that is a little too rich for me. I think it is cheaper for lower resolution recordings, but still more than a cd.

My question is, will you hear a difference with these higher resolution recordings, especially when paired with a squeezebox?
What about their offerings like The Wings Band on the run, which supposedly has little or no dynamic compression over the remastered cd's in the store?

I would love sites like this to take off, as long as it was reasonably priced. I would pay a few bucks more if I knew it was the best 2 channel offering out there.