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HDCP & DirecTV?

The DirtMerchant

Well-Known Member
Okay, so HDCP has been around a while, but I've never run into an issue, and thus never really paid attention (I just knew it was a bad and stupid idea)...until today.

Flipping through my D* channels and on HBOZHD (Zone) Any Given Sunday was supposed to be on.
Instead I got a message that said something along the lines of "Your TV is not compatible, HDMI is not supported, change to Component and you'll be fine".

Do I have another choice? Do I upgrade to HDMI 1.4, downgrade to an older HDMI cable? Really actually switch to Component? Get a new TV?
I doubt this happens often (as I said never saw this issue ever until today), but just wondering what my options are to not have it happen again.

I will of course be submitting "complaints" onto the D* website and HBO website and finding some AntiHDCP.org or something and add my name to it.


EDIT: Just went over to S&V to look up some HDCP discussions I'm sure I saw before. Site appears to be down.