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HDMI Cable Questions


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
After I got hooked up a couple of months ago with a HDMI equipped receiver, I went ahead and bought this cable from Amazon. (link)

Looking back, I see it is a HDMI "with Ethernet". The CL3 was more of a necessity in case I ran this cable inside my wall to my projo, but what would be the benefit of having an Ethernet run if your projo lacks an Ethernet connection?

Also, do you guys think these HDMI cables would be adequate for my Dish receiver, Bluray and DVD-R players? (link). or these from Amazon? (link)

The ones from Amazon are twice the price (plus tax), but they look more rugged and durable. Does it really matter? I'm going to put in an order tomorrow, so unless told otherwise I'm leaning toward the cheaper Monoprice cables.

One last thing. When searching on Monoprice for HDMI cables, I came across this. (link)


I know a few of you have tried long HDMI runs to some matrix switches to extra TVs, but I was wondering if these would be a good substitution for the HDMI runs. I have a spool of CAT5e that doesn't look like it's running low anytime soon. I have two Dish dual tuners (4 zones) and wouldn't mind splitting a couple to some spare rooms if this would allow me to do that.
Yeah, some of the cables I've gotten recently have advertised "with ethernet"... guess that just means a couple of the conductors in the hdmi can be used to send ethernet signals? Not sure really, but I don't think it makes a difference in average home use, and either of those cheaper hdmi cables should be fine I would think.

That extender is pretty cool... looks like it needs two parallel cat5 cables, though, not just one? Not cheap, but I guess it's still cheaper than a 100' hdmi cable, if such a thing even exists.
Thanks guys. I'll go ahead and put in an order to Monoprice. I may get the extenders at another time.