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MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
Today is Jimi Hendrix' birthday. Had he lived he'd be, uh, like old and stuff. Left this world too soon.
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The 70s are probably might favorite time period as far as rock music goes. I've often wondered what Jimi's music would have been like had he lived through the 70s.

I agree, gone way too soon.
My favorite Hendrix song.

The lyrics always makes me think of being with my daughter.

When she was very little she was sick for a few days and I spent the day at home with her. She was content on my lap on the couch watching music videos for most of the day. This was one of the many songs we listened to together that day, but for some reason this one sticks out in my memory.


If Hendrix were alove today he would be another of the hundreds of burned-out has been former creative geniuses that tour as their own best cover bands, like Yes, The Who, Led Zepplin, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, and so on. He was burning his creative candle at both ends (and in the middle) and would very likely have run out of new ideas well before the end of the 70s.

That doesn't make what he did before his death anything less than what the world already thinks, nor does it mean all those geniuses who survived are losers. It just means that brilliant creative production can only be sustained for so long, especially when highly addictive drugs are used to as critical aides to that creativity.
It's as though many of the super talented artists who become extremely wealthy, or not, do not understand that the physological and biological laws apply to them as they do everyone else. Because of their talent and money, they tend to consider themselves super human.

I'm amazed many more don't meet their fate in the same manner as the countless talents have in the past.