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Here we go again.... New TV Samsung LED LCD 240hz


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After having a nightmare of a time with the Panasonic VT25, I went back full circle to the Samsung UNc558000.

This is a 240hz LED LCD set with precision dimming.

Right out of the box I was introduced to my old friend "the soap opera effect", but after some quick steps through the picture setup menu I got that toned down and after a couple of rounds with the DVE Bluray I have to say it's looking quite nice.

After having 2 VT25s for a month, I can now see some substantial differences in PQ. The panny wins it hands down. But if I were to give the Panasonic a 9 out of 10 for HD processing I would have to give it a 5 out of 10 for it's ability to properly resolve 480i/480p material. I give the Samsung a 7.5 out of 10 on both.

I'll update more later.

Right now I'm enjoying crystal clear HD with no buzzing!

Re: Here we go again.... New TV Samsun LED LCD 240hz

It's been a long and circuitous journey but congrats on the new setup. Can't wait to see the pics.
You may become the first person to "wear out" the wall bracket! Hope this one works for you!
Well, you are a few steps ahead of me in this quest but I am directly behind you - looking at the same sets!!

Congrats on the new Sammie!!

Does the silver bezel bother you at all? I think I am about to pull the trigger on this one.
Even at the 3k pricepoint both sets have their pros and cons.

The brushed silver bezel on the Samsung is actually perfect, no light reflections whatsoever, while the glossy VT25 bezel always reflected light back.

I had the Panasonic for about a month and have had the Samsung now for about 2 weeks.

The Panasonic had a far more natural look when watching movies/tv, but the Samsung excels at bringing live broadcasts, sports and animated films (Pixar, Disney etc...) to life like no other set I have ever seen.

If you go with the Samsung, there is a setting you are going to want to adjust immediately. It's called "Judder Reduction" and it can be found under PICTURE/PICTURE OPTIONS/AUTO MOTION PLUS. I have mine set to: Blur Reduction=5 Judder Reduction=3

With The Judder Reduction set at the default of "5" every frikkin thing you watch looks like a Mexican Soap Opera. It's bizarre!

Having owned both, I will tell you it's going to be a personal preference thing. I like both sets and I think overall prefer the Samsung, but the VT25 is no slouch.

I spent a ton of time over at the AVS forums reading literally hundreds of pages of posts about peoples experiences with both sets and think the this year's round of Panny's may have some serious quality control issues. I would highly suggest a look into a warranty if you go with the Panasonic Plasma.

Tough call, hell buy em both and take one back after a few weeks... :handgestures-thumbup: