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Hey Flint

Can anyone click on the link or is Flint the only one allowed? :think:
I didn't have any problems and my anti-virus didn't get all crazy. Seems like a legit sight to me.
Zing... don't click the link. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!! IGNORE THIS THREAD!!!!!!

Thanks, Xgm3! You remembered that I consider Quadrophenia to be the most perfect rock and roll album ever made in every possible way!

I love this and will definitely get that boxed set when it comes out. I am curious to see if the recording engineers attempted to capture Pete Townshend's vision for a quardrophonic record on the 5.1 version. Pete had this idea where Jimmy's four psyches, as represented by four musical themes throughout the album, would be played through each of the four speakers. At first they would play one at a time with surf, rain, nightclub, or scooter noises coming from the other channels. Then, the musical themes would start occuring at the same time but on different channels. As the intensity increases the themes would swirl together and spin around the room and all unite into the anthem "Love Rign O'er Me" to conclude the album.

The Who's Eel Pie Studio was built during the recording of Quadrophenia specifically as a quadrophonic studio in order to capture that vision, but it didn't work out well and time pressures from the record label and from the band who wanted to get out on tour immediately took a toll on Pete and he abandoned his vision and released a two channel album.

The tour which followed was the one the stresses of fame, the pressure of running a rock empire (the Who had thousands of employees and obligations), and personal failure for Pete in the abandoned Quadrophenia vision led to a crazy experience for all who attended the shows. Sometimes they were more brilliant than ever, but when Keith Moon passed out on stage from taking too many horse tranqualizers (a fan from the audience completed the show) and Pete and Roger were visibly fighting on stage most assumed the band would never make it to the final show.
Yesfan70 said:
I didn't have any problems and my anti-virus didn't get all crazy. Seems like a legit sight to me.

It is, that's not what I meant... it was a Zing-specific warning based on his previously stated opinion of the subject matter. :eusa-whistle:
In my senior year in High School, one of my best friend and I used Quadrophenia as a presentation in our Poetry and Music English Class. Back then we had to Memeograph all the lyrics that we had to hand right.

For those of you that don't own this album/cd, GET IT AND LISTEN TO IT!!! It is incredable.

I was not all that crazy about the Movie.

This new box set is on my list!