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Hey... My receiver has a thermometer in it!!!!


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Most of y'all already knew that since it's probably pretty standard, I suppose? But I was nevertheless surprised tonight when I accidentally found it whilst checking the firmware version on my Onkyo 605. (I hit the wrong button combination and there it was in both celsius and fahrenheit.)

There's no cooling fan in the receiver (to my knowledge). Do you think it's a safety thing where the receiver maybe shuts down if it gets too hot?
It's interesting that they let us gain access to that stuff so easily. Sh!t, I now feel like an expert technician. Anyone need a receiver fixed? I'll just press a bunch of buttons and see what happens!

ICs which sense temperature are very common from manufacturers like Micrel. Usually they are used to control the speed of a fan, but can also take the place of older style bi-metal circuit breakers to disconnect the power supply if the temperature gets above a certain level.
That pretty much obsoletes the rectal thermometer you've been using to check your receivers temperature. If you'd only known a year ago.

Is that what that 1/4" plug is for? I thought it was for headphone... :confusion-scratchheadblue:
Oh great! Now I have to reconfigure Matt's forum permissions so he can't see this thread.
Kazaam said:
Who knew, right?

That explains why it sounds like crap. I thought it was just a badly designed equipment... :angry-banghead:
Zing said:
Oh great! Now I have to reconfigure Matt's forum permissions so he can't see this thread.

WTF? :angry-cussingblack: :eek:bscene-birdiedoublered:

Zing you owe me a Bloody Mary for that one. :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:
No, I meant MatthewB. When there's mention of any kind of oriface, equipment around the world gets nervous.