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How DirecTV's Whole Home DVR works...


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OK, I haven't found this info ANYWHERE on the internet. It just isn't out there that I've found. So here you go- an Audio Annex EXCLUSIVE. I put it here because somebody else might like to know how this system is wired... heaven knows an account from an actual owner is near impossible to find.

I had the DirecTV whole home DVR service installed this afternoon. I already had D*'s HD service and a DVR, so we weren't starting cold. It did require a new LNB on the dish (had a Slimline-5 LNB, the new one is the Slimline-3, IIRC). The HR20-700 DVR I have is indeed compatible. Ditto the H23 box in the bedroom, but the H20 box in the great room had to do (it leaved unmourned).

The old method had four RG-6 coming off the dish, with two going to the DVR and one each to the other 2 boxes. If I needed more than that, I'd need to run all four to a multiswitch and then off from there, but I didn't. The DVR was connected to the phone line as well as to the internet via ethernet.

The whole home setup is somewhat different. I was envisioning needing to run ethernet to the other two boxes. Nope.

The four lines come off the dish directly to the multiswitch. From there, ONE RG-6 goes to each box (the DVR now only needs one line, NOT two). The DVR still has phone connection, but not ethernet any longer. The ethernet now plugs into a ethernet-to-RG-6 converter, and runs to the switch itself, not directly to any of the boxes. The new H24 box is connected solely through a single RG-6 to the switch, and the H23 box requires an intermediary box- it splits the RG-6 to RG-6 and ethernet (since that box won't take the data over the coax).

Basically, every box communicates with the multiswitch, and data is transmitted over the coax along with the satellite signal.

It seems to work fine so far.
Akula I thought of getting this, how much to get all this started. I have two DVR's (one regular in guest room and one HD in the master bedroom and a non DVR but HD box in the great room)
I'm hoping Dish will have something similar soon. I do like the "leapfrog" style DVR Dish has now for streaming DVR content to a laptop, but I would like the ability to watch all my recorded content on any TV in the house from whichever tuner recorded it.

I see those commercials all the time for DirecTV's whole house DVR....I have to say it's pretty tempting to switch.