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How loud do you listen to Movies (from REF level)?


Active Member
I'm curious.

I listen at -10dBFS. This is due to limitations (mostly now with the sub), I'd actually prefer louder. This is loud enough for the action scenes, but a bit too quite in my opinion for the soft scenes. I'd prefer to listen at -5dBFS, but that would require a new sub purchase.

Nevertheless, my wife thinks it's unreasonably loud at -10dBFS when she came home today while I was demoing the black night after recalibration (despite the highest peaks with the SPL meter being 92dB [my sub is set -15dB below ref due to room size]). :roll:
Depending on how the disc is written. Some movies have lower spl than others so the number on the dial does not quite explain much. I set it to where ever it's comfortable to my ears which is between -14 to -5.
I have no idea how loud I listen in relation to ref level. I just set it how I likw it and go. My wife always likes it softer than I do.