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Hulu+ launches with new lower price

Discussion in 'Television Providers' started by Towen7, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I got an email from Hulu informing me that they are coming out of their preview phase and lowering their price to $7.99/mo. Additionally they have a referral program that gives credit to members that refer others to get an account.

    The $8/mo price makes it the same price as Netflix and a pretty good value IMHO if you want the ability to stream current season TV shows to your cell phone, TV and computer.
  2. -B-

    -B- Well-Known Member

    So they have movies and current tv shows? I could use Hulu as a replacement to Netflix?

    If they offered my favorite shows from HBO and Showtime and the 2/3 others I watch I'd seriously consider dumping comcast. I only watch these shows:

    Boardwalk Empire, or whatever else HBO is playing Sunday nights.
    Sons of Anarchy (FX)
    Archer (FX)
    Men of a certain age (TNT)
    Philly sports
    Weeds (Showtime which I currently don't have, so I wait for Netflix)

    If I could get all of that, there would be no reason for Cable.
  3. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    I know nothing about Hulu, I looked on my PS3 for an app to download it but didn't see one, yet Hulu's website says it plays on PS3 and even has a little video clip on it's website, but I sure as shit couldn't find the app. Is there some kind of box I need to buy?
  4. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    There is no box to buy. I can't tell you how to do it because I don't have a PS3 but I know a bunch of people that use it for Hulu+. Keep looking. You'll figure it out.
  5. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    Yeah T it's a lesson in futility because I have searched everywhere on my PS3 searched all through the Playstation store and nada. I should give me GF the remote she just pushes random buttons and would find it just by hitting wrong buttons that she shouldn't push anyway. Today while driving in the jeep she hit something on my radio that enacted my Mute feature (never knew it even had that, but she touched something and got Mute on. Took me awhile to figure out how to turn the sound back on, but once again, I'm like, "Honey, please, please, please stop just touching buttons, it really drives me nuts." (She never listens to me - sigh)
  6. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    According to this, the app is in the store. Can you search for "HULU+" or "hulu plus"?

    "To get your subscription to Hulu Plus after downloading the free app through the PlayStation Store, visit www.ps3.com/hulu, which will direct you to the sign-up page. When creating your account, you will need to link your PS3 to your Hulu Plus subscription by simply using the referral code that will appear on the screen from your PS3. If you are already a Hulu Plus subscriber, you can enter your user name and password directly into the app or just enter the referral code at www.hulu.com/activate to link the device. You’ll then see the Hulu Plus app appear under the video icon on the XMB."
  7. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    I found it on the playstation network store... it's in there as a free download.
  8. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    I found it in the play station store also and downloaded its free. Try some the free content it kept on pausing then starting over and over at the beginning got frustrated figure my Internets not enough oomph to use although Netflix works fine.
  9. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I had connection issues with Hulu+ on wifi even though Netflix worked fine 99% of the time. I added a wired connection and no problems since. I wouldnt imagine that Hulu required enough more bandwidth to make a difference but I don't have any way to know for sure.
  10. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    Found it and got it downloaded, now my next question before I buy is, Is it better than Netflix, because from what I'm seeing is they have alot of the same shows, but looks like Hulu has alot more HD offerings.
  11. Srvy

    Srvy Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm using the ps3 in wireless mode because when i hardwired it it always seems to kick my router and i then have no internet. I'm sure i need to make some setting on my router but when i streamed netflix on wireless it worked fine.
  12. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    Better depends on your perspective. I have both services and use them both a lot, but thats because I don't have cable.

    You can not skip the commercials with HULU but there are usually on two/three minutes per half hour show.

    The primary difference is that Hulu+ has current season TV shows from the major networks (except CBS). There are some shows from the cable networks but you wont find anything from HBO, Showtime, etc. The service is kinda weird because some stuff is available on your TV, PC and phone but other stuff is TV only and other stuff PC only... Some shows are available on HULU the same day they air on TV, others aren't available until the next day, other stuff isn't available at all.

    If I had to choose one over the other I'd choose Netflix.
    If I had basic cable and a DVR I'd skip Hulu.
  13. MatthewB

    MatthewB Grandmaster Pimp Daddy Famous

    Thanks Towen, that helps alot. That's what was my biggest concern, is that I have no plans on dumping my Directv or DVRs. Basically right now I am just catching up on "Dexter" which I have never seen (don't have HBO or any movie channels) and have been sucked in by "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" man that show is funny. What bugs me is Netflix only offers some TV shows only on disc, while it's on Hulu. There was a great TV series called "Life" about a former cop who served time and is determined to find out who framed him. Netflix has it on disc only while Hulu has it ready to stream, but I don't want to get Hulu just for one show. So I'll wait. Thanks again for the info.
  14. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    Started the 7 day trial today and for $8.00/month I may just keep it. I only wish they carried CBS shows but that doesn't look likely. The January deal does not include current CBS shows. If it did I would consider dumping DTV.

    They have a couple interesting origional series including a travel series called Up to Speed that is hilarious.

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