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I just increased my PS3 download speeds with Airport bridge!


Well-Known Member
I'm not sure why I'm posting, really. But I'll ask. Does the built in Wi-Fi for the PS3 really suck?

Because I've got an original 60gb "fat" PS3 and I just increased my speed by at least 3X by switching to an "Airport Express in Wireless Bridge" mode, instead. Why the difference in speed? I always had a good wireless signal. And I'm still just only using a 'G' network.

fwiw, In recent weeks---and also immediately before the switch---I was averaging maybe upper 2's (or lower 3's at best) with the PS3s built-in Wifi. But after the switch my PS3 is getting download speeds of 9.1, 9.9, and 10.2. Hope this speed increase was't just a fluke!