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I love UPS - they bring me stuff!


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Got a new addition to my family today - an ATI 1804 amplifier. I'd been shopping for a 3-channel amp for some time, but they're hard to find. Saw this on Ebay & figured $775 delivered was a good price. The amp looks like new, no scratches, dents or dust. Tested out just fine - all channels work & no hum at all. I'm building an end table/amp stand to hold it and I have to fabricate a trigger cable for the auto turn-on feature. Oh, yeah - 2 channels on each transformer. That'll work! Now where did I put that copy of Master & Commander.............. :think:


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Thanks guys. Since I joined this forum I always hoped that one day I'd suck. ........ uh, well you know what I mean.
Orbison - Enjoy your new amp!!!

An Official........................

YEP, Orbison... you officially SUCK!!!!

ATI amps kick ass!!!!! You will no longer ever have a need for more power... I'm certain of it!

That 1804 will give a solid, constant 180watts.... NOT PEAK. It's a monster! And will hold it's own against amps that cost 4 times as much!

Kazaam said:
That thing does look like a beast! Congrats.

Yeah, thanks! About 68 pounds worth! Since I bought it used, ATI's Hernia Insurance Option wasn't available.

When you're dealing with ATI amps, the box warning "Fragile, Handle With Care", doesn't refer to the container of the amp, it refers to the handler. Yeah, there's handles on them for a reason.


Orb, YOU SUCK!!!! Nice amp.


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One nice amp....congrats....you do, in fact, suck.

My UPS guy doesn't bring me stuff.... :|
Very nice, enjoy your new found suckage!