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I need oval metal tubing

I bet that's going to be a bit more expensive than typical round tubing. Have you tried the machine shops in your area? If not, that would be my first choice, then maybe Google/Yahoo for "metal supplies" or metal fabricators/fabrication, etc.

I would think any kind of fab shop might be able to help you out.
Yeah I was going to check with them but I figured I would check with you guys first.
I am either going to use one tube at 3.0 - 3.5 inches wide or two tubes in the dimensions that they have. But at $15 a foot I will be spending $150 to mount my tv plus the mount. But if it works, it'll be pimp.
Max -

Check with a local custom car exhaust shop. Those folks get some pretty exotic requests for exhaust systems for street racers.

Well, I finally found a manufacturer that offers what I need but he wanted $150 for a 4' section of 3.5" x 1.5" x .120". I figured out in the meatime that section of broken geoprobe rod (1.5" o.d. and about 3/8" wall thickness will be plenty. Price is right anyway.