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I Signed Up For...

Discussion in 'Music' started by Batman, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    Drumming lessons!! I am excited to say that I have signed up for my first music lesson since high school (when we were forced to play the recorder as part of our music curriculum)...I have been interested in learning to play the drums for the better portion of the last 2+ years and finally decided it's time to put up or shut up. I went over to the local music store to inquire about it and committed to one lesson next week, and provided I like the instructor, I'll sign on for a "semester" which consists of 1 hr/week for 10 straight weeks for $289 starting in January. That seemed really reasonable to me being that each lesson is a one hr private session. So it's hard for me to convey on the forum, but I am really excited to begin something new that relates to this hobby that I love... :D
  2. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    Congrats, Bats; I know exactly where you're coming from! :handgestures-thumbup: :handgestures-thumbup:

    Five years ago I got an unexpectedly large tax return, and bought a pro-grade tenor saxophone. It was great fun learning a new instrument at my middle-age. Have fun with your paradiddles!
  3. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    That's incredible.

    I'm jealous of anyone with any musical ability. Good luck with the lessons!
  4. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    Fire the instructor if he doesn't teach you how to hold the sticks and how to move the wrists & fingers when playing. That is the single most important aspect of drumming which cannot be corrected effectively once you master playing with the wrong grip and stroke (no jokes, Matt).
  5. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    By the way, congrats!

    Wanna buy my old drumset shell pack? (you don't want it, but I had to offer)
  6. jamhead

    jamhead Well-Known Member

    Congrats Bat!

    Sounds fun. One day I hope to learn bass....maybe in the near future.
  7. PaulyT

    PaulyT Behind the Curtain Staff Member Administrator Moderator Superstar

    What, Guitar Hero wasn't good enough for you?!
  8. Razz

    Razz Well-Known Member

    I think Flint needs to come out next summer (GTG 3) and give a few personal one-on-one drum lessons!!!!!

  9. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    Guitar Hero was the catalyst!! I figured if I could learn to play drums for real...I could beat every song on the most difficult settings. :eusa-whistle:
  10. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    Razz, that's a classic...what a blast that GTG was :handgestures-thumbup:
  11. Doghart

    Doghart Well-Known Member

    Flint is right, don't start with bad habits, they can be impossible to break and can really hinder you from getting to a higher level of playing.

    I have been playing guitar since I was 15, have some bad habits and now am unable to progress. I just get frustrated and revert back to the way I know.

    Congrats and have fun with it!!

  12. Zing

    Zing Retired Admin Famous

    That's too cool Bats! You do realize that, if you pursue lessons, you'll need a kit at home to practice on during the week in between lessons. Given your past purchase history, might I suggest something like this?

  13. -B-

    -B- Well-Known Member

    got that right...on and off I grab the bass, taught myself and it shows. I can plod through simple songs if i picked it up regularly, but ultimately I stink. Might give lessons another whirl someday....again...

    Zing, given past history, the next GTG will have a bunch crazy drummers from the web with that big Tommy Lee spinning contraption somewhere in the house!

  14. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    If I listened to you I'd have that drum set and about 2-4 of these...I am not that out of control :eusa-whistle:

  15. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    Terry Bozzio's kit:
  16. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    I used to play bass and even took lessons back in the day, but seems the job at the time took away from my playing time (lots of overtime) so I gave it up. I still have my bass, though my brother has been using it more than me. Maybe one day I'll pick it back up when he gets tired of it. I have a '90 Fender Jazz bass (made in the USA too).
  17. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    I completed my introductory session tonight. I knew if the instructor was bearable I'd enjoy the actual playing of the drums. The instructor, Ray, was really cool and down to earth and way more than bearable. I'm looking forward to beginning weekly courses in January. I was also relieved that a serviceable set of electronic drums, should I choose to make an entry-level purchase down the road, won't break the bank. I'm not in any sort of rush to buy anything, but I certainly would be much more apprehensive if the minimum investment was in the thousands of dollars, which it isn't.
  18. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    Congrats! A decent instructor is 60-70% of the battle...
  19. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

  20. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator Famous

    My 10 week semester begins next Monday night, I'm really excited to begin. :)

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