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Looks interesting.

From the makers of 300 which is easy to tell from the trailer.
Saw this tonite, if you liked 300 you should like this. Kind of like 300 with Godz and Titans thrown in the mix, fantastic visually speaking, plot not so much.
Despite one of the leads being the next Superman, I'll wait til the BD comes out....
Ummm, did I mention their is a nice rear nude scene from the lead chick. Well it might have been a body double, but still smoking hot :character-ariel:
Just saw it in 3D with the family. It was visually impressive, but the story really sucked, was pointless in general, and made me wish for meaning in life. The acting was not very good and the dialog was irritating and quite hackey. I expected so much more.

The 3D was very impressive and I love to watch these movies in 3D - if only they could offer me glasses which fit over my prescription frames.