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iPhone X as a Source


Active Member
I am using my iPhone X as my primary source for headphone listening and I 'd like to get the most from my phone. I've looked at portable DAC's, but after discovering the quality of the audio files on my phone is not as good as I thought, I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve the quality of the audio files. No point in spending money on a DAC if the source audio isn't worthy. I've done some reading on FLAC and players for FLAC files, but I figured the info from this forum would give me the best un-biased options and opinions. FLAC or not FLAC? Where can I get FLAC files from? Is there a better lossless codec for my phone? What audio player ap would you recommend?


Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Lossy audio can be very good these days. Most audio codecs are very good, so even a 192Kbs file can sound very good.

That said, any lossless file should be more than good enough. FLAC Is good, but so is WMA lossless, AIF Lossless, and any other lossless format. Don't assume solely by looking at the format, though, that is must not be good enough.

If you recall my old attitude, I have really flipped on this. I hated all lossy formats until about 10 years ago and today I think most of them are pretty good. They have really improved.