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I just finished reading

Man what a sad story..............

So last night I watched this because of Jaco playing ...... Joni Mitchel; Shadows and Light.

I will be looking for some DVD Concerts of when he was with Weather Report.

Just simply amazing bass player and then to throw in his life story...


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Shadows and Light is in my top-5 concert DVDs of all time. :text-bravo:

A Weather Report concert was finally released just a couple years ago, with the Heavy Weather lineup, highly recommended. My GF at the time (an RN) told me what kind of drugs Wayne Shorter was on by the way his eyes darted around during the show.
Thanx buddy, I will have to check out that DVD for sure.

Jaco's life definitely came to a tragic end, years of mental illness apparently untreated led him to a way too early demise.

Not knowing the whole story, I have to imagine his death was an accident. I kinda feel bad for the bouncer too, and having worked in that arena a bit, I can imagine how an accident like that could happen.

Jaco with Joni

Randy................READ THE BOOK.

JUST IN CASE YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT I MEAN...........................

Musician magazine (which started as a jazz rag and later moved to cover rock, now defunct) followed WR and Jaco a lot, and their final verdict was Jaco had a type of neurological condition with alcohol where he could drink and drink, not have any effect, but then it hit a specific point where he simply lost it (Jim Morrison supposedly had the same thing). Jaco was arrested for riding a sportbike at 90 mph through downtown Tokyo, naked.
Keith, I haven't read the book yet, but as soon as I get through the (hang on a minute...)


...28 inches of books sitting on my "to-read" pile, I'll pick this one up! :handgestures-thumbup: