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JBL C50 Olympus aquisition


Renaissance man
Yes, you can put two C50 in the back of an SUV. I just picked these up this weekend, just north of Dallas.

The cabinets are in good shape but loose in a few places. Some glue, clamps and they'll be tight as new. Then some sanding, DEFT semi-gloss lacquer and they'll be good to go.

Wardsweb said:
They are in decent shape for 30+ year old speakers but still need some TLC and upgrades.
If there was anyone that can give them the appropriate TLC, it's you. I look forward to the evolution of this project.
The trick part is I will be adding some custom wood horns patterned after the JBL 2397 Smith horns. The wood standing by the speaker is quarter sawn bubinga. It will darken nicely when oiled.
I agree with Zing. You never cease to amaze me Wards. I wished I had your skills.
Sanded and oiled. I will let this sit for a couple days and then finish with some Deft lacquer.

The one who dies with the most speakers, wins. Ward, you're a shoe-in.

Nice Job Once Again................

Where do you find the time????

Looking forward to the finish. :handgestures-thumbup:
Those indeed look awesome.

What is the purpose of the things in front of the tweeters. It looks as if it is to direct the upper frequencies downward towards the floor.
The lenses don't bend or deflect the signal in as much as they merely offset it up or down by the height of the lens, which is related to the wavelength of the signal. This is a timing factor for when the sound hits your ear in relation to the woofer's low frequencies.
On recommendations from guys over on the JBL forums, I went with a Watco Danish Oil finish. Here they are with just two coats.


I have used the Watco Danish oil on some of my furniture refinishing jobs and it gives an outstanding finish!!!

Watco also has a rejuvenating oil to apply 1-2 times per year as maintenance.

Great Job!
Here is an outside shot that gives you a better idea of the true color. The flash really brought out the red that is not what they really look like.