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Jimmy Kimmel Whats in my Pants


Well-Known Member
Old but still funny.

He makes a LOT more money than I do, and apparently has a lot more fun in his job.
Life is so Unfair...
The Man show was the friggin best, both Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corrolla were friggin hilarious.

and now, Women jumping on trampolines. :handgestures-thumbup:
MatthewB said:
and now, Women jumping on trampolines. :handgestures-thumbup:
About four years ago I mowed my back yard. My next-door neighbor, fit-macho cop, had a gorgeous wife, two cool kids, and a trampoline in the backyard. That particular afternoon, the Hill AFB Airshow was also going on, with the USAF Thunderbirds doing their antics.
Between the TBs flying around, and wifey watching them whilst bouncing on the trampoline, my yard didn't look too good once I finished...