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Judas Priest HDNET


Well-Known Member
Watched this the other day, I forgot just how good Priest is live. If you get a chance to watch this check it out.......METAL UP YER ASS!! :music-rockout:
I have yet to meet a metalhead who doesn't like Priest. I did not see the concert but I'm hoping they'll replay it.
You will like it, they play a lot of older stuff but still mix in some new stuff. The sound is really......REALLY good. Only show I saw on TV that was better (sound wise) was Megadeth but I am pretty sure Mustain was not singing.
Actually I did listen to Judas Priest a lot in high school... "Love Bites" got me into metal for quite a while.

I still have Sad Wings of Destiny; while not as metal as their later stuff, I like it a lot, very interesting stuff on there.
I don't listen to a lot of metal, but when I do JP is one of them!
I have the British Steel special they did on HDNET recorded and then transfered to DVD. I thought it was awesome.
Big Priest fan here. They are amazing in concert. I missed out on a chance to see them this last fall because of a stupid broken leg.
I'm favorable to their stuff from the 70's. I remember listening to the intro of Turbo over and over as a young lad.