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Have never seen one episode, happened to be in WalMart today and grabbed season one, read the box and bought it. I sure hope its worth $20! LOL!!
My favorite TV show. well worth the 20 bucks and season 2 now on is even better.
-B- said:
Rope said:
-B- said:
A favorite...sadly I've missed the last 4 episodes from this season.

Drop by my place, -B-. I've got all episodes DVR'd.


Me thinks it will be out on DVD before I'd get that far!

What the hell kind of fun is that? Road Trip! We'll watch Justfied, while knocking down a few cold ones, then bust out some tuneage. If you stay long enough, head to the west desert and vaporize some prairie dogs.

Just made some hot assed home made taco dip........wife and i are gonna dig in to the dip and watch a few episodes. Hope its good!!!
Dammit! I thought this was gonna be a thread about JT's solo debut...

Two weeks into season 3 and it is looking good though last season will be hard to top. Looks like the Dixie Mafia will play a big role.

I love the give and take between Raylon and Boyd Crowder.
Bought season 2 on BLU but havent had the time to start it yet. If its as good as season one I am gonna be a happy guy!