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KEF's new UniQ: Excellent marketing


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I was checking out the web page for KEF's new UniQ line speakers and found it had a video link. Consisting of some of the engineers, talking about the its design features and how they make the speaker better. I thought this was a pretty cool video, and think more speaker manf. should use this for more effectively marketing their speakers.

Bose has been doing this for a awhile now, about time the rest of the audio industry catches up. I would love for Magnepan to make a video like this, however over the years they seem to give out less information than previously.

That was good. Apple is also very good at this type of demo.

Slightly OT, I foresee a big battle in the very near future between our educational institutions and this type of information transfer. It would be so much easier to understand things as diverse as tonsil surgery, Wankel engines, calculus, and the mating dance of clams by using professionally-made videos such as the above. I know the Air Force has already gone this route, everyone across the country sees the same video to learn about OPSEC, or Sexual Harrassment, or Configuration Management. Granted, a lot of them are pretty amateurish, but once you get a good one it can go worldwide, and you'll never have to employ an instructor again, reserve a classroom, and the "student" can watch the lesson on his own schedule and at his own pace.

Makes perfect sense, but of course you're threatening the jobs of a very powerfully-unionized establishment. Textbooks, too, rather than being a $170 tome that's obsolete the next semester, can simply be a download on your Kindle.

We live in Interesting Times. (Sorry Troy about the complete derailment of your thread...) :text-threadjacked: