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Kelly Clarkson sings Nat'l Anthem at NBA Finals


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Not enough Kelly, though.

Well... I mean, yes, there's a lot of Kelly to love, of course. No denying that booty. (Think she looks good!) But what the heck is with all the shots of NBA players? Why isn't the camera always on Kelly? You'd think these people were tuning in to watch a game or something.


btw... Congrats, Mavs!
I think she looks good too a lil heavy but hey its happens. She did a good job too not to Diva ish. Congratulations Mavs Nowinski reminds be of Bird maybe even better.
I think, perhaps, she's lost a little bit of weight. Nowhere near as skinny as she was 7 years ago or so, but at least she's currently below the ever important "lard-ass" threshold; which is more than I can say for myself.

Say... Have y'all seen Christina Aguilera lately?
I have always really enjoyed Kelly's voice. She is a little to thick for me.

As far a Christina, WTF, talk about an overall blimp out!!!! :scared-eek: :scared-eek:

What happened to that sexy little thing????? :angry-tappingfoot:
heeman said:
As far a Christina, WTF, talk about an overall blimp out!!!!

I wouldn't have expected it... I mean, yes, she used to be rail thin back in the day... but then I saw her on that new singing competition, "The Voice", and she's rounded out a tad. And, for some strange reason, I find her even more attractive now. So am I a chubby chaser? Nah... I don't have any strange fetishes. Methinks I'm just drawn to her maturity. Yeah... 'maturity', that's it. Both of her big beautiful and bouncing 'maturities'.


Still not a fan of her singing, though. Talented, yes, but too much over-vocalizing or whatever it's called. I'd rather listen to my favorite American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, if forced to pick between the two. (Heck, if I'm driving in the car and Kelly comes on the radio, you might not even have to 'force' me to listen to it. But, shhhhh, don't tell anyone.) :shhh:

Ahhh.... Kelly, kelly, kelly...

I prefer this version of Christina........ :happy-smileygiantred:


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OK, I can't blame ya... That version of Christina Aguilara is pretty decent, too. I, mean, if I had to, I could probably lower my standards and put up with her looking like that. I wouldn't complain.