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Keyboards, Violins, Roxy, Jobson, Ferry, Zappa and Peaches


MetaBotch Doggy Dogg Mellencamp
This is complicated, so you may wanna skip my blabbering and just go to the video below.
A buddy of mine in Detroit and I are both members of a Keyboard forum. He tries lots of different instruments (had a Chapman Stick :drool: for awhile) and he just purchased an electric violin. I posted a pic of the model I play, then someone else posted a clip of Bryan Ferry in concert with his cute violinist doing a solo, then someone else posted a clip of Zappa performing Peaches et Regalia live, with Eddy Jobson on electric violin, because the gal quoted a phrase from Eddy's performance. Now, I knew Jobson played with Roxy Music, but I didn't know he played with Zappa. Here's the clip:


...and here's the Ferry clip:


Re: Keyboards, Violins, Roxy, Jobson, Ferry, Zappa and Peach

Cool. Interesting contrast in violin styles, especially the sound of the instrument and - I assume - the major effects added to the one in the second clip. I gotta get my band's violinist an instrument like Jobson played in that first clip! Way cool!

Actually, the depth of sound from the violin is something I really want to work on, so I may well have questions for you about this at some point.