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I dropped the TV portion of my Comcast subscription about a year ago as I rarely watch TV, and decided to go with an HD antenna for my new TV. Well, after several months of researching why my antenna still receives NBC and ABC and Fox, but not PBS and now CBS is iffy, I've given up. Was able to get Comcast TV back for only $19/mo more than I'm paying now for just phone/Intranetz.
They got here this afternoon, should've been a quick install as the cabling, etc was still in place. They installed the box, hit the switch, and it wouldn't turn on. Dead. They grabbed another box (this one powered up), then spent 25 minutes trying to figure out how to hook it up to my receiver (this Comcast box, tho digital, didn't have an HDMI "out" so they had to go the "component" route. Spent another 15 minutes trying to figure out why I was getting no sound, solved that.
The tech then showed me how to access all the HD channels, but about half of them showed up "Unavailable". He futzed and futzed, made about six phone calls, futzed some more, then went and got a third box.
Powered it up, and the display did this loop-de-loop thing; he said he's seen that before and it takes about an hour to re-set, gave me his cell number, and asked me to call tomorrow if it wasn't working (translation: it's Friday night, after five, and I can come back tomorrow).

There are some people in this world that can't wear a watch, no matter what brand or how expensive they quit working after a few days. I seem to have the same aura against electronics, the IT guys at work are really tired of me "breaking" my PC. If I suddenly disappear and quit posting, you can probably visit me carving wagon wheels in the Amana colonies. :violin:
Well, the loop-de-loop stopped. I can get the regular channels in SD, can get a very few in HD (like PBS). Will be calling a cell phone tomorrow.
I don't mess with their techs. I drive directly to Comcast in Lindon, pickup what I need, return home and install, then call for activation of the STB. I can't believe these yo-ho don't carry a STB that offers HDMI out. What a joker. Do the same when I have cable internet issue. I don't want them screwing up my gear.

Well, they called me this morning and all customers who were hooked up yesterday afternoon had the same problem, it was a bundling error done at the main office. I still didn't get four channels in HD, the tech came out again and with a few more phone calls got everything working.
I'd go pick everything up and do it myself, but since I can't even figure out why my antenna picks up ABC, NBS, but not CBS or PBS, I'm too dumb to get in much deeper. :oops: I probably will be replacing their box with a TiVo, however, when the funds are available.