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Land of the Lost


Well-Known Member
I know it bombed at the theater and i am in no way saying it is of Oscar caliber BUT......I actually enjoyed this one, hell even laughed out loud a few times.
I grabbed this on BLU at SuckBuster for $6.99 and IMO worth every PENTY! It has a really good pic quality and the sound is REALLY great!! And honestly I actually LAUGHED at least 10 times.

Perfect example of "watch at your own risk" but still worth the rental price cuz you may be one of the folks that enjoys it!!!
I love movies that star Will Ferrell. So I can't fault you for buying this one! (It ain't no "Step Brothers", but what is?)

That said... Saw me some "Land of the Lost" in the movie theater. I don't watch movies in the theater very much, but I really wanted to see this one. Unfortunately, I think I had unreal expectations, which made it seem like a disappointment. Sure, I laughed a bunch of times; but I distinctly recall hoping the movie would end sooner rather than later. Betchya it'd seem better now if I sat down and watched it again.
The problem with this movie, no giant fucking strawberries! I remember watching the show in the 70's and wishing that we had giant, fucking strawberries! Hmmm, strawberries!

Seriously, the movie bombed so bad, that studio shitcanned the exec who had given it a green light. Like Walls, I didn't think it was so bad, but while watching, kept thinking it could be better. Will Farrell was not the right person for the role. It would have been a better movie if it was straight up sci fi, rather than a blend of comedy and sci fi.
Listen, I know it could be better but I laughed enough to make it enjoyable. My expectatrions were super low so I was surprised that I enjoyed it.

I typically like what most of you guys consider to be really shitty low budget horror films so I didnt expect too much love for this anyways.
That's okay Walls, I like a lot of movies that you all would think is bizarre. Let your freak flag fly my friend.
Okay, I just watched the trailer:

...and am afraid I'll have to get it. It's got Sleestax! :text-+1:
walls said:
Listen, I know it could be better but I laughed enough to make it enjoyable. My expectatrions were super low so I was surprised that I enjoyed it.

I find that going into a movie with low expectations tends to do that, to me anyway. That's the weird thing about recommending "okay" movies. Once your expectations are raised a little, because of the positive review, it's all the more likely that you'll end up disappointed.
Walls you are not alone. This has become one of the instant classics in my house. Everyone (even the wife) enjoyed this flick and I think the kids get a bigger kick out of it than I did.