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Late to the Tool party


Active Member
So, my fist CD was Judas Priest and my second was Megadeath, so I've enjoyed Metal for a while. Metal to Opera and almost everything in between. I was just playing GH World Tour and there is a three song set of Tool. Well, looking around on youtube and I've discovered that Tool is awesome. Just sharing. GH, who knew?

Curious, has anybody else had a similar experience of "Discovering" a really great band? I'd had another when I was about 11 or 12 when I found a 45 of my dad's and put it on to discover these 2 great songs by a little known band called Led Zeppelin. I thought I'd made a great discovery only to later discover that they were they greated band in the world.
Ironically, I've just discovered Tool myself, via the "Buddy Rich" thread!

Other late discoveries: Level 42, Mingo Fishtrap, Basia, the comedian Ricky Jervais, and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
I admit, Guitar Hero (and Rock Band) games have given me a deeper appreciation of rock music; I pay a whole lot more attention to guitar, bass, and drum lines than I ever did before. I still ignore vocals and lyrics though. ;) (I'm actually only partially kidding about that last part... but that's another discussion.)

A lot of the musicians mentioned by this crowd have been totally new "discoveries" to me, and now rank among my favorites - e.g. Joe Bonamassa, Ray Lamontagne, Tierney Sutton, ... the list goes on.
I'm not a big fan, but I do like some of their stuff. A Perfect Circle should also be on your list if you like Tool as I think some Tool members are a part of that band (sort of like Mother Lovebone with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden).

Some Tool fans also like Radiohead. I'm a huge fan of them.

As far as discovering new bands, Thanks to bands like Yes, Rush, and Genesis, I have been opened to bands like Gentle Giant and The Strawbs as well as newer bands like Spocks Beard (but that band I learned more from S&V members than on my own).
If you like TooL then check out some of Maynard's other bands:

A Perfect Circle




I enjoy his music, but quite honestly I can tell you the man himself is a jackass.