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Lexicon: 12.4 Pre-Pro


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Elkhart, Ind. - The Harman High Performance Audio Video (HPAV) group is building up its Lexicon line with the brand's first home audio product incorporating proprietary QuantumLogic Surround 3D (QLS 3D) post processing, which delivers up to 12.4 channels of surround sound from mono, stereo and multichannel sources.

The technology will be incorporated in a flagship MP-20 surround-sound preamp processor, dubbed a media processor by the company for its inclusion of video-processing technology. It will be displayed at the CEDIA Expo and is scheduled to ship in the first quarter at a price above the original $11,000 to $14,000 price of its predecessor, the MC-12 media controller.

http://www.twice.com/article/472357-Lex ... re_Pro.php