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LG BD570


Well-Known Member
So I picked this up on black friday at BB for $150

What I like....
wifi n
Slick look
Plays excellent video quality
Bitstream or decodes all (except SACD or DVD Audio)
NO MORE PS3 bluetooth!!!!!

other stuff I haven't used like

They really packed it full of fun stuff, I think they are all doing that now. But my favorite piece thus far has been Pandora
For some reason it's much better than when I have used it on my iPhone or anywhere else I've seen it. It has a nice user interface and the quality seams much better than I remember it to be. Also, I listened last night for a good 3 hours and only remember 2 (10) second commercials. It's fantastic and very easy to use.

What I don't like...
The remote is trashy (but I'll just be entering everything into my Harmony one.
No 3D DVD (but I'm not interested in 3D)
No storage drive

Overall It's proven to be an excellent upgrade from my PS3. I will be recommending it to all.

For about $100 more you can get the LG BD590, the only difference is it has a 250g storage drive.

Nice purchase . . . and at a good price.


from a review of the BD570 . . . .

Bottom Line
The LG BD570 offers a neat hi-def playback solution for those who have an HDMI-equipped receiver. It has useful set of networking features and a robust suite of NetCast streaming services wrapped in a very cost effective package.Highly recommended.
Sounds like a great deal and a great player, congrats!

Now that I have a wireless network at home for my laptop I'm kinda wishing I had something that streamed into the receiver...
Yeah, I looked at the LG's, but the lack of SACD was a deal breaker for me.
I saw that you just got the Sony 570,

For me I was going back and forth between the two. I think they are both great at what they do and now and great prices too.
I got a problem here......

When switching between options Pandora, Netflix, Blu Ray... I get this screen that pops up on my Pioneer Kuro...... It only last for about 3 seconds but it's annoying...
Any ideas???

I'd be willing to bet that it's just an HDCP syncing delay and there is nothing you can do. My Samsung TV occasionally shows a "no signal" pop-up when switching between apps on my Samsung player. Same as yours, it lasts only a few seconds.
...or it could be the player trying to control the tv, or vice versa. If there is some type of hdmi cross control setting, turn it off.
I couldn't find the manual on line, but came across a specs page. It might be called simplink, try turning that to off and see if that makes a difference. Most of todays devices can talk to each other through hdmi, and when you have equipment from the same manufacturer, it probalbly works like a charm. What it is supposed to do, is when you turn on your bluray player, your tv would turn on as well, as well as other components that have this capability. Hope this helps.
Razz -

I've lived with this for two years. It's a byproduct of HDMI and different manufacturer's equipment not playing nice with one another because of their proprietary "link" features.

If you owned all the Pioneer peripherals that use omnilink or verilink (whatever the fuck they call it) you wouldn't get that screen error.

I would just go into the menu and disable "Simplink" on the LG and what ever the HDMI control option is controlled on the set. This stuff is great in theory; good when it works (apparently Panasonic and Sony work very well together); but a pain when it doesn't. I don't like it because some TVs will jump to the BD's input whenever it's turned on; even if it's just to get a movie out.

Check Pauly's thread about the Netflix limitations he's experiencing (no DD 5.1 and no subtitles) and see if the LG also has them, please. I'm very curious about this.

I haven't done the Netflix yet, had planned too but I'm having more issues with my BD-570.

1. It keeps freezing up on 2 different Blu Rays, one was brand new out of the package and still froze up.

2. Almost every time I start it up it wants to "re-set" it's network connections.... VERY IRRITATING!

3. The main menu seems VERY slow and clunky. My analogy would be a computer with too little RAM. It runs its own graphic very smoothly then comes to a halt and crawls by. Navigating around is either very easy or very slow and clunky.

4. I can't find any "simple link" in the setup menu and nothing to set the HDMI connections so I'm stuck with this stupid error message that I also find "VERY IRRITATING" (Rope, I don't know how you have delt with it for so long... I hate it!)

.... I'm thinking I will be taking this back by the end of the week.

You should check out the Sony. Mine has played everything I've thrown at. The only problem I've had, is that once any disk I put in, it said something like corrupted disk. Turned it off, and everthing was well.

As far as the networking, do you have it hooked up to something like a power conditioner that is shutting the juice off to it when your system is off. Had mine hooked up to a switched outlet on mine, and evertime I would turn the system on, it would act like it found a new piece of gear. Switched it over to a fulltime powered output, and it has happened since.
Razz, I know exactly what you mean about the menus. I've seen other brands behave like this and I hated it as well. It feels like the console is always a command behind.

thanks, good thought but it's plugged into my Onkyo... I wonder if that's what's causing that. I didn't think it would but DAMN.

yeah, it just makes everything look WRONG. The home menu should flow nicely without hesitation.

I will say this. The picture quality was a step ahead of my PS3 and I even frowned the other night when it froze up and I put the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix into the PS3. The PS3 seamed a bit soft. I definately prefer the pic quality of the LG.

I hope the Sony BD570 is a step up from the PS3.
Interesting about the PS3 being soft. There's really no reason for the PS3 to be a lesser player. If there's no scaling going on, it shouldn't matter which devices is doing the playback. If there is scaling going on, the PS3 was shown to have superior scaling to just about anything due to its processing abilities. That was a while back, but its processors are still much more powerful than players' processors of today.

I'm certain I liked the pic from the LG better... I know I had it set to pass through, that's an interesting find for me.