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Liquid Tension Experiment: Acid Rain



This is basically Dream Theater without the lead singer, and Tony Levin on Stick replacing John Myung on bass. I love the smell of 64th notes in the morning! :music-rockout: :music-rockout: :music-rockout: :bow-blue:


Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Love those guys! However, everything they've recorded, at least the albums I have, all sound nearly identical. The only way I can really tell them apart is if I sit and analyze the music, note for note.


True; most people only need one LTE album. :D What kills me is Dream Theater (not sure about LTE) do like a 3-hour live show, how in the heck do they keep everything memorized?? (Jordan does use an electronic sheetmusic thingie, but no one else does).


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Those guys are ridiculous. Dream Theater is an amazing band and Images and Words is still one of my all time favorite albums.