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Little subs.


Well-Known Member
So my wife ain't feelin the 15" PSB I have in the LR. Nor the fact that I now own 4 subs. She said, "Why not sell all four of them and buy a minisub?

So what can a guy get that has a small footprint and still sounds good?

I realize that the subs sit on a three legged stool of size, sound quality and cost.
Mini-subs will never ever compete with a full size sub in terms of performance. Physics is to blame.
Does your living room have an adjacent area, like a stairwell, that you could build an in-wall IB sub?
If selling the subs and replacing with a small sub, i would suggest buying two small powerful subs like the Bob Carvers or Definitive Technology Supercube 1's, granted your never gonna get that deep rump shaking bass clean bass with bigger box designs, but they are small enough to satisfy and two should be enough to be a compromise on both parts. If your wife hates the look I would also look at an IB sub system that would not only satisfy your love for deep clean bass, but your wife would never see a box.
Well, I had considered an IB. If I stay in this house and if/when we add on a man room doesn't make the cut I will put an IB in the wall under the stairs.

Been considering it for a long time.

Edit: Listening to Pandora. Goodness! that 15" sub puts out. I love it!
Maximo, think it's time you man up and pull up them man panties and say to the wife proudly, "Listen woman, I work hard, I pay the bills and sweat my balls off in the summer making sure the yard looks nice. So If I want to keep my big beasty sub and crank it so that it shatters all your Hummel figurines than Dammit, women I will!! Now instead of flapping that pie hole of yours, why don't you head back into the kitchen and make me a sammich and grab me a cold beer, while I crank my system and listen to all that beautiful bass (at this point she will start to say something after the initial shock has worn off so say) "I said sammich and a beer NOW Missy!!!!"

Matt (whose not responsible for the ensuing beating Maximo receives or the cost of the impending divorce) :eusa-whistle:
Do NOT buy DefTech subs, they are crap and should never be purchased by anyone (sorry matt).

Sunfire subs are okay, but a little pricy. Rel makes some semi-decent tiny subs, but they are pricy as well. In my experience, tiny subs cost about twice the price of a large sub to get similar output in the 30Hz to 50Hz range. So, if your SVS sold for $900, then you need to spend about $1800 on a tiny subs. Even then the THD + Noise will not come close to the lower levels of a large subs and you'll never get clean bass below 25Hz at audible levels.
Flint I know DT subs are crap, hence my statement about no clean distortion free bass in the smaller box units. I was more commenting that if the wife has to have a small good looking sub, than the Piano black gloss on the Spercube 1's would fit the bill. Not only for the compact small size, but looks good. No DT sub should ever even think about hitting 30Hz and below until you get into the Reference and Trinity line, all others no way, hence my other comment about no rump shaking bass either. No matter what Maximo does, he's gonna have to do some serious sacrifices by going with a smaller box, my other reason to suggest the IB sub.

As mentioned you can't get great bass with a small enclosure (I even include Bob Carvers subs in this catagory) I will say that the SC1's do a great job on bass 35Hz and up though which is all one can ask for in a small sub and the fact that you can buy em for about 450.00 used is also good.
Well, I've been given a reprieve. I told her that I loved the sub and it was hands down the best piece of audio equipment I have ever owned.

And the fact that I clean out and washed my truck, her van, the garage, detailed the refrigerator (almost 4 hours of labor on that one), AND cut the grass. My wife will let it stay.

Edit: My wife is very much in love with the fact of me cleaning up my/our life. She is very much a works kind of person. Especially cleaning. Wouldn't be surprised if I get lucky tonight too. :banana-dance: :banana-rock: :music-rockout:

Edit 2: I was listening to Pandora today and the PSB hit low, the floor vibrated and I got a little weak in the knees.