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Logitech Revue

Discussion in 'Source Components II' started by mzpro5, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

  2. Huey

    Huey Well-Known Member Famous

    If it streams music, and allows for a picture show at the same time, I could see myself ordering one of these.
  3. -B-

    -B- Well-Known Member

    I'll be keeping an eye on it. But I have a Squeezebox for music and the Roku for TV. If the TV options surpass the Roku I might get interested, but I imagine it won't be cheap.
  4. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    Google TV, is what it is.

    Sony also has several Google TV products about to hit the market, and we should expect many more. They are closer to what the MS Media Extender is - combine the new Apple TV with MS Media Extender, add the Google internet platform and huge library of content, and you have Google TV.

    They rely heavily on network performance to really rock.
  5. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

    There taking pre-orders for $300 a unit. - not too bad.
  6. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    Using Google TV, unlike the Squeezebox, you have to turn on your TV to select music and interact with your music library. No thanks.

    Also, Google TV is about selling advertising. Much the same way Youtube now forces us to watch advertisements from time to time, we will eventually have to watch whatever ads they force on us with Google TV. Tivo doesn't force ads, neither does Squeezebox.
  7. Yesfan70

    Yesfan70 I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv Famous

    I can not speak for Google, but I have yet to be "force fed" an ad by YouTube. I know some of the apps I have on my phone, there will be an ad at the bottom of my screen, but it's no different than what we see on some webpages. As long as it's not a pop up add or those "roll over" ads that take up over half the screen, I'm fine.

    I'm still curious what this thing does as compared to the Roku. Is it a better option? Does it combine everything about the Roku and Squeezebox in one unit? So far I've liked what little I've saw of it.
  8. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

    I've been sent a large number of links to YouTube videos which forced me to watch a 10 to 15 second commercial with no ability to skip before the real video started. It sucks.
  9. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    The Revue will actually allow you to push content from your computer to your TV. It has IR blasters that on command will turn-on your TV, pre/pro and whatever else... select the appropriate inputs, and begin streaming content. I can see a use-case for a small secondary computer monitor to use just like the squeezebox screen.

    I guess I'm alone in thinking that there is nothing wrong with a few ads. It's that revenue stream that makes the service and/or content priced so low (free in some cases). Tivo doesn't force ads but they do charge an fee and it doesn't offer the functionality that a Google TV does/will.
  10. Flint

    Flint "Do you know who I am?" Superstar

  11. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    I got to spend a few minutes with the Sony Google TV products this weekend.

    I can sum the whole experience into two words... FREAKING TERRIBLE.

    Here are a few other words that apply as well;

    I don't need Google to curate all of the video in the world. I don't need google to point me to an episode of 30 Rock on my computer or on my DVR. If I wanted to watch those than I would. I don't need Google to tell me that 30 Rock is being broadcast at 8:00 tomorrow and set my DVR.

    IMHO this is not how people want to use their TVs and it's certainly not how I want to watch TV.

    I want to log into a single service, scroll through the summaries of a few episodes of 30 Rock, click on one, and watch. That's it. I'm even more convinced now that the model of using apps like Hulu and/or Netflix to deliver TV content is the future. It doesn't have to be free, it just has to be cheap, simple, and accessible.
  12. Maximo

    Maximo Well-Known Member

    It looks like it will mesh with my Windows 7 MEdia Center. Interesting. Wonder how if it will actually work and not be clunky and slow.
  13. mzpro5

    mzpro5 Well-Known Member Famous

  14. Towen7

    Towen7 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    A local Best Buy had the Revue setup in store this weekend. I didn't spend as much time with it as I did the Sony stuff but my overall impression was the same. All of the reviews I have read for both Sony and Logitech products focus on the long and tedious setup process. After that they point out that web browsing is clunky and pretty pointless.

    In the end it all comes down to the apps because the average consumer doesn't want/need a full web browser on the TV (and if they did it'd have to work a LOT better than either of these).
  15. Botch

    Botch I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S! Superstar

    That's exactly what Newsweek said...

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