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Looking for an iPhone dock


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My wife wants an iPhone speaker dock to use at her desk at work. She doesn't care too much about audio quality but I can't bring myself to buy her anything too cheesy. Any suggestions for a dock/speaker for less than $100.

Oh... she has an iPhone 4 if it matters.
Logitech has quite a few options, I have one and it works very well. The iphone says it's not compatible with charging but it does. The altec branded Zune dock is also nice, there are so very many iPod options though
I keep seeing this Altec Lansing one floating around for $40, it was an $80 unit just a few months ago. Still is in some stores. Saw it on Woot about a week ago.
I tried one of those dock things and took it back.

If I want something like that I hook up my iPod via an RCA cable to a pretty nice boombox I still have. Last time I did that was helping a friend paint his living room a couple months ago. sounded pretty good.