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Lost Planet 2 (XBOX)

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member

OK so I am officially addicted to Lost Planet 2. It's a sci-fi/adventure 3rd person shooter that is equal parts shooter and Lara Croft style adventure. It's not overly remarkable compared to other similar games except for a few special features...

1. Unusually multidimensional environments within each level. It's much better then the average 2D world with occasional stair cases, ladders, etc. These levels have a lot of depth, height, etc... much more interesting to navigate, etc.

2. Unusually huge boss monsters (larger then a school bus, train or eventually larger then a small town).

3. Unusually huge weapons to deal with unusually huge boss monsters. Cool armored/powered suits that you can jump into and fight other suits and/or boss monsters. Team mates can hitch a ride on your armored suit and even aim and shoot while along for the ride. It's like fighting a battle in an overcrowded clown car.

4. Vast custom character options including fighting style, special abilities, weapons (3-4 grades of dozens of weapons and grenades), clothing, taunts and even characters from other games. For example I am currently playing Lost Planet 2 as my character from Gears of War...


I also have some whacky custom characters... one has a giant smiley face head and is wearing a big poofy back pack shaped like a giant stuffed Winnie The Pooh. There is nothing more humiliating for my online pals to be defeated by a smiley faced guy wearing a Winnie The Pooh back pack. I can also taunt them after I slay them with various dance moves.

5. Excellent online co-op within the game scenario or multiplayer mayhem battle. Even more unusually huge weapons when playing online... nukes... etc. Co-op is especially cool because team mates depend on eachother more then in other games. There are even special weapons that fire energy to restore damages team mates so you can revive them from a distance if need be.

The storyline is a little hoaky and there are occasional glitches... but the visuals and scale of the game are so huge it's just a lot of fun to look at. Lost Planet (1) can be purchased used for about $5 if you want a taste. It does not offer any online co-op. Lost Planet 2 runs about $15-20 used.

If you want to check it out on the cheap just grab a used copy for Lost Planet (1). Most used game shops have it from around $5. It's not quite as detailed with all the character customization and lacks online co-op play but is otherwise similar in terms of game play.