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Maggie Up-Date


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I previously mentioned Stud Gliders on another thread - these little guys have replaced the spikes that came with the Maggie stands - little gliders have simplified the placement/moving of the Maggies on carpet to sheer delight - tiny incremental moves that were once awkward and never quite precise are now attainable with one hand.
Maggies for a while were tilted 5° back - new setup brings the tilt forward at 5° - distance from front wall (behind speakers) used to be 4’ now 3 ½’ – distance apart was 8’ now 7’ - side was brought out 4” – more toe in has been applied – LP is now 14” further.
These small tweaks all add up: The sweet spot is now wider - I'm able to sit/lean on either side of chair without pulling the music with me more transparency imaging within the soundstage better defined and slightly wider - depth as dictated by recording same applies to height.

I’m now fed up with my bulky tape measure - I’ve ordered a Laser Distance Level Measurer this tool will come in handy for multiples chores.

Going back to speakers I’m not 100% certain that speakers are in perfect plane even though they are same distance from wall – speakers are aggressively toed – the outer corner of the left speaker toed side may not be aligned with right speaker toed corner – once this tool arrives I’ll place it on top of one toed speaker corner edge and align it with the other for certainty

Inching towards perfection – and so it goes...

Clarity to the Madness Below


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It's exactly like you state, it's is the culmination of the little things that make big differences in sound quality. Moving those electro static panels looks to be a royal pain in the @ss, and being able to tilt them forward or back is a big plus.

Looks good Vinyl!

Now, can I borrow you laser level/measurement tool? :D

Thank you Rope.

Only a true aficionado recognizes the rewards obtained in fine tuning the room/system to its maximum limits.

Correction if I may on a common assumption – Maggie’s are Magneplanars not Electrostatic speakers – I believe you already knew that merely a slip – for clarity to everyone else that might not be versed between the two here’s a C/P.

So what is a Magneplanar? Some people immediately think that a panel speaker is an electrostatic. Not in this case. An electrostatic speaker requires an electrical charge to energise the speaker; Maggie’s are like normal speakers, only requiring a signal from the amplifier.
In some ways the Magneplanar is similar to a conventional woofer or tweeter. Like a conventional driver, the Maggie’s use magnets and a voice coil to create sound by moving air. Unlike a conventional driver, the magnets are spread out throughout the whole panel structure, and the voice coil is attached to a Mylar sheet, which does the moving of air, creating the sound. There is one big difference between conventional driver and the Magneplanar panel. A conventional driver needs to move a relatively large distance (or excursion) to create sound. A Magneplanar panel moves very little. But with the very large panel area can still create high levels of sound.

The laser tool is coming from Texas (Canada eh) – it’s been now eleven days since order ... and yes I’m counting.
Sorry I missed this older thread, Vinyl. Thanks for the update your system is looking really good, and I am sure it sounds even better. I found this because I was looking for some info, regarding tweaking my own system. Keep up the good work, from your fellow Maggie forum member.
Hi Troy - it’s been awhile - good to hear from you - I do read your posts at the Asylum.
Thanks Vinyl, I am thinking about getting one Magnepan DWM woofer. To give my 3.6 a boost in the bass and upper bass, any opinions?
Troy - I don’t have firsthand experience with this woofer - I don’t see the DWM besting your SVS PB Ultra 2 - the module was originally intended for the Minis if memory serves - from various readings it seems to be helpful in the mid/upper range for some - I really do understand the objective here - such as in cases where a true sub might at times be overwhelming for Maggie owners for whatever reasons - the DWM is seen as a possible solution - having said that - at the end of the day - when playing organ material or any low frequency instrument - a true sub is required - it may also be a PITA to integrate in a combo HT/Music application - Troy - let’s not forget - the minor group of Maggie owners that will always try to tweak a square to fit a circle ;)