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Magnepan #1 among dealers


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I was surprised when I read that Magnepan was rated #1 in speakers by an insider trade magazine of audio dealers. This would be due to the fact that they run a rather low profile operation, ad marketing is pretty dull, their website is more 2001 than 2011. They can be rather secretive and tight lipped about changes and the differences between the different models. Preferring to let audio reviewers explain different features and upgrades to model line.

Besides fabric color and choice of wood trim, their are no factory upgrades you can add to a speaker, so no blinging your speaker out. They also believe if it doesn't make the speaker perform better they don't add to it. Which is why a lot of the guys at the Planer Asylum, do extensive modifications and various tweaking. However I do agree you get a lot of performance for your dollar, so more steak than sizzle with Maggies. So far as customer service, they will fix, repair, redo, any speaker they have ever made. That is pretty cool to me anyway, and they are almost 100% made in USA.

I just assumed a company like a B&W would have taken the prize, due to their higher profile and being more popular. I guess I should have had more faith in my speaker brand.

Vinyl, anything you want to add, or something I missed?


Here is an article using Magnepan's to reinforce a symphony orchestra.
http://www.magnepan.com/what_dealers_say_about_Magnepan :violin:
Sounds like accolades paid where accolades due.

Fine loudspeakers that maybe more uknowing people should consider when shopping around.
[interesting information to me also] thanks for sharing.

`. :handgestures-thumbup: .`. Enjoy, mon! ` ` ` :happy-smileygiantred:
Hi Troy...
You might recall I attempted to repair some of the wires in the 1.6 due to ‘flapping bass’ in one speaker – I followed instructions as per Peter Gunn amongst others but to no avail – got in touch with Magnepan explained the dilemma and they immediately shipped the 1.6 carton for me to ship the speakers back to them – upon them receiving speakers they informed me that one speaker had 'melted' while the other had 'rippled' – the remedy was two new drivers, two new covers, complete sound check, and bring them up to original specs – in other words new speakers – total charge was $748 complete with shipping – repair time was seven weeks – at that time they were extra busy with new models – the transaction was handled exclusively by Karen via e-mail after the initial phone call – Karen been with the company fifteen plus years and is extremely knowledgeable with the product – at the end of the day the price paid for the repairs (new speakers) was more than fair - the experience went smooth and was handled professionally – I‘m very happy with the new speakers and have been breaking in now for the last three weeks – I’d do it again :handgestures-thumbup: