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Magnepan 3.7 at CES 2011


Well-Known Member
If anyone should happen to be out in Vegas during the show, if you can check out one of the two booths that the Magnepan 3.7 will debut. I would appreciate it very much. One booth will be with Audio Research electronics, at the Venetian. The other will be at the Flamingo with a full compliment of Bryston products. These speakers are the replacement for my current speakers MG 3.6's, with a nice little price increase to boot $5495.00 MRSP

There is a slim chance I will be there for my job. However, I don't think I'll have time to go to the audio portion which is typically held at a different location.
Finally some news out of the show about these speaker, the 3.7 uses quasi-ribbons in the bass section now. Same as the midrange and should be a closer match to the True Ribbon Tweeter. So no more wires glued to the bass section, the goal is to have a more cohesive overall sound.
Guess I will have to make a trip to Chicago or Indy whenever their dealers get some models in for demo, one constant theme I heard in the reviews is that these almost 6k speakers are going against some high priced, heavy hitters, 25-50k and up :teasing-neener: To me that is a lot of value for your buck something you dont hear a lot of in hi-end audio circles.