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Marie-Mai in Concert

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Almost none of you have likely ever heard of this exceptional Quebec chanteuse / pop star - except Matt and a few others who might have heard a few of her songs that I played at Matt's mini-GTG.

Anyhow tonight I was at her final show on her "Version 3.0" tour - at Place Bell, in Montreal. Sold out FANTASTIC concert! My seats were centre floor - right beside the sound board.

Check out any of her three CDs. She hinted that a fourth was in the works.

For this final concert she did an extended show - adding three guest artists / bands (Simple Plan being one of them) - and which included a 40 minute set of "covers." Everything from AC/DC, to G&R, to U2, to Madonna, Britney, and (my favourite) two Lady Gaga tunes! Many others.

I've been to Place Bell and been disappointed with the sound. Not this time.

Lighting and staging were first rate.

If she breaks through into the US with her next album / tour, I strongly recommend that you check her out live.


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JeffMackwood said:
My seats were centre floor - right beside the sound board.
I'll bet that position had at least 80% to do with the sound; even a terrible venue sounds good at the soundboard (that's where they're tuning the sound).
Haven't heard of her, but have added her to the list! :handgestures-thumbup: