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Mark Knopfler


I see that a few of you guys own his stuff.

I only have Dire Straits Brothers In Arms.

I don't want to buy a complete collection, however can you guys suggests some of his best so that I can add them to my wish list?

Love over Gold is my favorite, the title cut is looong and stunning! And Mark's solo album Sailing to Philadelphia is (or at least was) available on DVD-A, which will sound great on your new 5.1 system! ;)
Others will have other recommendations, but the fact is he hasn't put out anything bad, or even ehh.
Try this one....



Or this one.....



These are two of my Very Favorite, but as I've said before....You can't go wrong with any of his work.

Let us know what you get and how you like it,

"Sailing to Philadelphia" is my fav and also his CD with Emmy Lou Harris "All the Road running.
mzpro5 said:
"Sailing to Philadelphia" is my fav and also his CD with Emmy Lou Harris "All the Road running.

I'll have to add those two to my must listen list.


Lot of good recommendations in this and the "Noff" link.