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Matt's HT - It'll set the GF's asthma off system


Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
Okay most of you have seen my system but here's some updated pics (including the 10" sub attached to the center.

The brains -Onkyo 805, Directv HD sat box, Oppo 970 (only player to upconvert via component to 1080i, HD-DVD A2, Sony 350 Bluray player, H/K 2200 amp 200 watts (bridged), B&K ST amp 105 wpc (driving DefTech Studio Monitor 450s side surrounds), Monster 3600 surge protector and Monster AVS2000SS Volatge Regulator


The infamous center channel only Deftech Prosub 1000 10" driver, 10" passive radiator and 300 watt amp, bought this to help keep center channel bass in line with the built in 10" subs in my mains (DT BP7001s) all crossed at 40hz for fantastic mid bass punch.


DT Studio 450's with 6.5" mid range, 1" tweet and 10" passive radiator on Goodwill plant stand that was the perfect height and held tight on mopads with flat bungee cord.


Other 450


My DT Mythos Gems for captains chair only for 6th and 7th channel only. Hooked up to 60 wpc Adcom amp sitting on top of SVS sub. The SVS acts as a bass shaker.


Close up view.


My Prosub 800 - 8" driver, 8" passive radiator and 300 watt amp for rear channels only flat down to 40hz


My SVS NSD 12/2 sub sitting on two gramma pads (took two to fit big ass sub and barely) handles all the bass below 40hz down to 16Hz


My mains DT BP7001sc with built in 10" driver, 2 10" passive radiators, 1500 watt amp in each tower, 4 6.5" mid range drivers and 2 1" tweets in each tower - DAYUM


older pic to show you a better "view" and dimension of entire setup - no sub on center when this pic taken.

My Master bedroom setup

Acoustic Research Phantom series speakers all the way around with mains and rears with 8" driver in each speaker, 4" mid range and 1" tweet. Center is dual 6.5 in MTM configuration. 42 Samsung plasma, Directv HD-DVR, HD- DVD -A30, Sony 350 Bluray, Pioneer Laserdisc player, Sony PS3 (games only), Denon 3808ci, Tripplite Isobar 10, Kenwood 6 x 100 watt channel amp, Monster AVS2000SS Voltage Regulator, APC Battery Back up for DVR - old pic but nothing has changed.





Sub is still the same, old picture so everything else is gone, but that sub and yes they still sit on those wooden "feet" hey quit giving me crap, the elevate the sub anough so the bottom 12" driver has plenty of room to breath along with the front firing 12" driver (DCM sub and amp but SVS ISD 12" drivers)

and finally guest bedroom system.

Denon 4802R, DirectV DVR, H/K Citation amp for AV123 Strata Minis (each Strata is a four way with 8" subwoofer with 350 watt amp, 6.5" mid bass, 4" racetrack mid range and 1" tweeter, Emerson DVD (GF's) Hitachi Professional VCR, Dual Denon 5 disc CD changer, APC Voltage Regulator and Monster surge protector (behind TV) Panasonic 3DO player and Wii game system.


older pic (not pictured is the Citation amp)

Got enough gear? I think it would've been cool if you could've photochopped that picture of you drinking a beer into each and everyone of those room picts! ;)
MatthewB said:
Matt, the dark spot, is that paint stain or wet stain? It just reminded me of a member from you know where posted a picture of his HT with him in it. :shock:
Ok a few questions..

1. What happen to the sub in the bathroom?
2. You have a HT rig in every room so is the garage jealous?
3. Do you think the HD-DVD player depreciating your home value? :happy-smileygiantred:

All kidding aside bro great job and you are a true A/V nutt! :handgestures-thumbup:
Matt's got a Denon 4802 running his 3rd system!!!!! Can you believe that!!!

Oh and his main HT........I had to get my fillings re-set by my dentist after my visit!
Tee said:
Ok a few questions..

1. What happen to the sub in the bathroom?
2. You have a HT rig in every room so is the garage jealous?
3. Do you think the HD-DVD player depreciating your home value? :happy-smileygiantred:

All kidding aside bro great job and you are a true A/V nutt! :handgestures-thumbup:

Thanks Razz, I just had my assistant over today and she wanted a demo, she could only stay for a few minutes, she left four hours later cause she was just enthralled with how AWESOME my system was. She said it clearly beat out the IMAX system she goes to. :eusa-clap:

1. Never had a sub in the bathroom (that was GreatDane) but on occassion, I mange to create great bass with the bowl reveberating the bass effect kinda like a klipschhorn, so in essence I make my own tactile transducer, but hey thanks for mentioning. :eusa-whistle:
2. I have a simple stereo boombox in the garage, I keep it seperated froom the favorite "kids" so it has no idea it is my red headed adopted child.
3. Well considering I still use my HD-DVD's as much as my Blurays I would say my home value has remained the same.

But thanks Tee, and I still think your main system is waaaaaay better than mine, so you my good friend are the one who truly sucks. :eek:bscene-drinkingcheers:

oh and DIYer, now you see what happens when the GF leaves town and I am left to do my own laundry, that was my favorite T shirt btw. :angry-banghead: