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Michael Lee Firkens


Has anyone on here heard any of his music??

I am listening to my Pandora Jeff Beck station and one of his songs came on.

PaulyT - do you know this guy??
Nope, never heard of him. Any good?
Looks interesting, some samples on amazon sound pretty decent. What song/album was it you heard on Pandora, do you remember?
Ok, I'm willing to give him a try. Ordered "Chapter Eleven" as that one sounded most interesting to me from the samples.
Monrose on tour, I know crazy right. I read Sammy Hagars book and he went through some times with Ronnie Montrose.

Some guy named Fl*&t said rock was dead........go figure!!!
I asked Pat Travers if he knew Michael on FB yesterday........

Pat - do you know Michael Lee Firkins??? I stumbled across him on Pandora today, just curious if you know his music?
16 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

Pat Travers Band Yes I do know Michael. I believe he's played some guitar on a track or two on at least one of the Blues Bureau CD's I recorded.
14 hours ago · LikeUnlike.

Pat Travers Band Great player. Nice guy too! PT
14 hours ago · LikeUnlike.